Partners - Consortium of the InnoREX Project


Description: The R&D expertise of the Fraunhofer ICT is primarily addressed towards products and processes in the fields of polymer technology.
The activities of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT cover areas such as the development of new laser beam sources and components, precise laser based metrology, testing technology and industrial laser processes.
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Description: Gneuß GmbH is a mechanical engineering company for the plasticsprocessing industry, active world-wide and with its headquarter in Bad Oeynhausen/Germany. Gneuß is especially well known for its patented extrusion and filtration systems for cleaning recycled plastic materials. [Website]


Description: The Centre for Innovation and Research on Materials and Polymers (CIRMAP, directed by Ph. Dubois) at UMons is internationally recognised for the design, the modelling, the synthesis, the (plasma)processing, the characterisation (structural and morphological as well as physico-chemical properties and ultimate performances such as mechanical, fire resistance…) of polymer-based materials... [Website]


Description: Design and manufacturing of a wide range of power ultrasonic devices from 50W up to 16kW including accessories for different applications in research and industries, e.g. dispersing, deagglomeration of nanoparticles, emulsifying, disintegrating, degassing, cleaning of wires, reducing of germs, sieving, cutting, touch-less transport, exciting of bottles for leak tests. [Website]


Description: As an innovative and future-facing company and through its ability to provide skilled solutions for industrial microwave and plasma technology, MUEGGE has developed into one of the European market leaders. There is only one strategy to guarantee sustained success: to delight customers without ifs and buts. This requires tailored and high-quality solutions, which satisfy every aspect of the customers’ requirements. [Website]


Description: Private R&D performer in the area of material processing simulation performs collaborative research programmes in this area, especially development and market simulation software. [Website]


Description: Specialised in the field of polymer extrusion and reactive interface modifications, Materia Nova Material R&D centre plays the bridging role between fundamental research and industrial development. Materia Nova uses its skills to collaborate with universities and EU public organisations fulfilling their mission by accelerating advanced materials technology emergence while targeting industrial applications. [Website]


Description: Realisation of projects in chemical industry, particularly in dense soda ash industry on terrain of the Russian Federation.
Compounding Plant We are producer of some group of compounds and masterbatches for polyolefines: PPA based on fluoropolymers, for PE, PP, HDPE, Adhesives: Cling agent for PE “stretch” films, Hotmelts for wood and paper [Website]


Description: Talleres Pohuer focuses on the development and manufacturing of packaging products using thermoplastic materials and injection moulding technology. Talleres Pohuer offers solutions for its customers helping them from the beginning of the project (packaging definition and concept) until the end (final package manufacturing). [Website]


Description: AIMPLAS, Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association with about 400 associated companies (the majority of them SMEs). AIMPLAS has offered its services to the Plastic industry sector since 1990 and, nowadays, has a permanent staff of 120 people. [Website]


Description: Founded in 1960, ASSOCOMAPLAST is a non-profit association representing the most important Italian plastics and rubber machinery, ancillary equipment and moulds manufacturers. The main aim of ASSOCOMAPLAST is to promote the knowledge and the circulation of the plastics and rubber processing technologies on the Italian and foreign markets. [Website]

Cranfield University

Description: Cranfield University is a post-graduate only University in the UK. Positioned between traditional universities and business and industry, Cranfield combines the academic rigour and long term perspective of a university with the commercial and business focus of industry. [Website]