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20/02/2019 - PLA in nero
20/02/2019 - Total acquires France’s Synova for plastic recycling
20/02/2019 - Plastic Recycling: Total Acquires France's Synova
20/02/2019 - Total Buys Synova, a French Manufacturer of Recycled PP for Automotive Applications
20/02/2019 - People, planet & plastic
18/02/2019 - Materie prime certificate ISCC Plus per il PLA Ingeo
18/02/2019 - Coexpan subsidiary buys BO Packaging Chile / Extended presence in South America
18/02/2019 - Clariant participa en TCT Asia 2019 con la mirada puesta en el mercado asiįtico
15/02/2019 - Majority buy into Plantura to revive VinyLoop's site in Italy / PLA biocompounds production
15/02/2019 - Biopolymer forecasted to witness strong growth over next seven years / Recyclability and sustainability are key drivers / Packaging largest segment
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09/05/2018 - Compounding. The art of mixing, reinforcing and incorporating additives to plastics. (III EDITION)
20/09/2017 - T-PLAS
19/04/2016 - Industrial Biotechnology for Biocomposites
15/03/2016 - 3P Plas Print Pack
18/01/2016 - Saudi Plas
18/01/2016 - Saudi Plas & Petrochem
20/10/2015 - Jornada Técnica: Plįsticos de Origen Renovable: Tendencias y Oportunidades
02/04/2015 - Webinar: Food Packaging- Latest Barrier Solutions
23/03/2015 - ANTEC® Orlando 2015
28/01/2015 - BioPlastics: Re-Invention of Plastics via Renewable Chemicals 2015
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Technical Articles

20/02/2019 - Biodegradation of modified Poly(lactic acid) based biocomposite films under thermophilic composting conditions
20/02/2019 - Toughened Poly(Lactic Acid)—PLA Formulations by Binary Blends with Poly(Butylene Succinate-co-Adipate)—PBSA and Their Shape Memory Behaviour
20/02/2019 - Poly(lactic acid) green composites filled with linseed cake as an agricultural waste filler. Influence of oil content within the filler on the rheological behavior
20/02/2019 - Lanthanide Bis(borohydride) Complexes Coordinated by Tetradentate Phenoxide Ligand: Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Activity in Ring-Opening Polymerization of rac-Lactide and ?-Caprolactone
20/02/2019 - Motion of Viscous Droplets in Rough Confinement: Paradoxical Lubrication
19/02/2019 - Copy paper as a source of reinforcement for biodegradable composites – influence of fibre loading, processing method and layer arrangement – an overview
18/02/2019 - Impact modification of PLA using biobased biodegradable PHA biopolymers
18/02/2019 - Miscibility and flexibility of poly(lactic acid) blends with octadecenylsuccinic anhydride
18/02/2019 - A dual approach to compatibilize PLA/ABS immiscible blends with epoxidized cardanol derivatives
18/02/2019 - PLA-Based Mineral-Doped Scaffolds Seeded with Human Periapical Cyst-Derived MSCs: A Promising Tool for Regenerative Healing in Dentistry
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18/02/2019 - Recipiente de plą”stico de pared delgada moldeado por soplado autocolapsable
18/02/2019 - Plataforma autą³noma marina para reciclaje de plą”sticos con clasificacią³n previa
18/02/2019 - Plataforma autą³noma marina para reciclaje de plą”sticos con clasificacią³n previa
07/02/2019 - Un aparato y un método para confeccionar recipientes de plą”stico mediante moldeo por soplado de preformas
07/02/2019 - Un aparato y un método para confeccionar recipientes de plą”stico mediante moldeo por soplado de preformas
07/02/2019 - Materiales compuestos multicapa que comprenden una lą”mina plą”stica o metą”lica, procedimiento para su produccią³n y su utilizacią³n
24/01/2019 - Preformado o recipiente de plą”stico con una ranura de orientacią³n rebajada, un proceso para fabricar un recipiente rą­gido, un proceso para orientar angularmente un preformado y un proceso para detectar la orientacią³n de un preformado
24/01/2019 - Process for making high-strength polylactic acid filament
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20/08/2014 - Support to the manufacturers of biodegradable packaging materials in Kosovo (Europe Aid 136169).
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Offer and Demand

03/10/2018 - Romanian company offers 3D printing services under services agreements
28/08/2018 - Japanese plastic lab equipment manufacturer seeks sales agents and distributors
14/08/2018 - A Japanese company producing nano cellulose / cellulose nanofiber materials is looking for partners in the EU for joint development projects
14/08/2018 - German commercial agent is looking for manufacturers of cardboard and plastic packaging and of shrink sleeves for a commercial agency agreement
25/05/2018 - New prosthesis for vaginal agenesis and sex change interventions
18/05/2018 - Innovative method for the production of new electric or data transmission cables with high electrical conductivity and high data transmission speed
19/04/2018 - Italian company producing flexible packaging films and thermal bags looks for agents and distributors abroad
09/03/2018 - Nanocompuestos a base de grafeno para dispositivos electrónicos impresos en 3D
06/03/2018 - A Serbian company that works in the production of confectionery tools using 3D printing is looking for distributors and manufacturers for its products
20/02/2018 - Biodegradable packagings for food industry are offered under license agreement
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